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Fisher Island Day SchoolMr. Jerry Zank
Fisher Island Day School
Two Fisher Island Dr.
Fisher Island, FL 33109
Phone: (305) 531.2350
Fisher Island Day School has been established to provide a superior educational program for young children living on Fisher Island and in the surrounding communities.

Chartered as a Florida non-profit corporation in 2003, Fisher Island Day School was founded in response to strong parental interest and the desire to provide children with the best possible education as well as environment , facilities, teachers and staff and curriculum and programs.

The 4,800 square foot building accommodates approximately 60 children in pre kindergarten through Grade 5. The School is in the process of accreditation by the Florida Council of Independent Schools and holds affiliate membership with the National Council of Independent Schools.

The Advisory Board of the Fisher Island Day School is a self-perpetuating body comprised of 15 members who offer special expertise, talent, and the resources necessary to sustain the School long term. Advisory Board members serve on the Board or as hoc Committees to ensure fulfillment of the School's mission as well as securing the financial well-being of the institution.

Guiding Principles

The school believes in the education of the mind, the body the spirit, and the power of positive approaches for children. Instructional methods and interactions celebrate the joy of learning and build high self-esteem, facilitating optimal academic and personal growth in children.

The school is dedicated to preparing children for entrance into competitive middle schools, for responsible citizenship in an ethically and religiously diverse world, and for on-going learning necessary for leading a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Superior Academics

The School offers a superior academic curriculum enriched by full programs in the arts, physical development, and activities. Teachers are selected on the basis of their professional qualifications and expertise, their enthusiasm for working with young children, and their capacity to work closely and cooperatively with parents. The Headmaster, Jerry Zank, has over 30 years of administrative experience in independent schools including a term of 11 years at Ramson Everglades School in Coconut Grove, Florida.

The curriculum emphasizes the following:
  • Strong Academic skills.
  • Ethical values and self-esteem; spiritual values and acceptance of religions.
  • Positive interactions with others.
  • Activity-based instruction rather than more memorization and drill.
  • Low student/teacher ratios.
  • Preparation in multiple languages.
  • Preparation for citizenship in an increasingly international world.
  • Development of well-rounded individuals.
  • Students who complete Fisher Island Day School's program will be well-prepared to enroll in the best college preparatory middle and upper schools in the Miami area and in the other regions of the United States. The school enrolls children who are ready to respond positively to its programs.


Fisher Island Day School seeks to demonstrate readiness for success programs and whose families share the mission of the school. The school experience of all students is enriched from diverse backgrounds. Fisher Island admits children regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.

The school staff will review applicable Candidates who have qualities that suite the program, philosophy and environment of the Fisher Island Day School. An evaluation admission is made on the basis of:
On-campus interview with the parents.

  • On-campus evaluation of the child.
  • Admission test (grade 1 and higher).
  • Record from previous school (if applicable).
  • Recomendations from a teacher of previous school year. If applicable, professional who knows the candidate.

Fisher Island Day School Mr. Jerry Zank
Fisher Island Day School
Two Fisher Island Dr.
Fisher Island, FL 33109
Phone: (305) 531.2350

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